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If disaster has struck your neck of the woods, you might not be sure where to turn.  Maybe you just want to be someone “in the know” and not someone “in the dark”.  or perhaps you simply want to avoid getting “burned” by a bad contractor or restoration company…

Then Read On… This site will provide the necessary information that will increase your knowledge of the processes and people that may suddenly become involved in your life so that you can make informed decisions about services and product purchases.


Hurricanes, tornados, floods, water damage from leaky basements, storms or broken pipes, mold infestations. heat, smoke and soot damage from fires. All the above can lead to a loss of property and possibly the life of a loved one. The aftermath of these events is commonly a period of anger, grief, restoration and recovery.

But wait a minute… all of the big restoration companies can already tell you that. As you can see, it’s a pretty big list, isn’t it?

But what don’t you know? Did you know that fire and flood damage restoration is a $257 billion industry?

You should also know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of crooked contractors that are wolves in sheep’s clothing, doing everything they can to get a piece of the restoration money pie!

NWS Radar Loop
Just as an example, take a look at the National Weather Service Radar screen above.  Millions of people across the U.S. and around the globe are experiencing or have experienced the “fallout” of water or storm damage. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself located on the Active Fire Mapping Program.  For the majority that seek professional help, in the long run, Everything gets RESTORED and life turns out O.K.

Please allow this wealth of information to empower you to deal with an incident head-on. There are many decisions to make on the road to recovery, I want to be sure you become an informed decision-maker!

This site will show you the ins and outs of fire and smoke damage, water and storm damage, mold issues, air and water quality control and much, much more…

This is a new site, so please visit often as I continue to add more content and build the internal links! There will be so much to explore! If you know others that have suffered a loss of this kind, please forward them a link. Send your family and friends so they can be informed of what to do in case any such tragedy strikes their home or office.

If you know anybody that wants to get a start in the business or know people that already have a restoration company, let them know too! I’ll be providing information for both the lay-person and professional alike!

Thanks for visiting Rā!

Yours Truly,

Leland J. Best

FireFighter I&II, Certified Water Restorer
ART Certified Technology Restorer

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